#GreenDay on Trump

Publicity? Relevancy? Passion? Punk-image?

The trending Green Day hashtag on twitter got me thinking.

It’s a democracy. Does that mean people should accept whatever outcome spawns from the electoral collage? Should they continue fighting the decision the majority are opposing? Is this a call for a new method?

Many know the purpose of the electoral college was simply to give more voice to the smaller states, and form a sort of ‘buffer’ between the population and the selection of the president.

Green Day’s chant at the AMA’s of “No Trump, No KKK No facist USA” clearly shows protests have not blown over just yet. Now trending on twitter, it’s again a stand which is fuelling the Trump protestors into voicing their agreement once again, and angering the Trump supporters.

Should it be something that is forgotten? Or should the opposers in the US continue taking stands to prove the strength of the people.

Here’s just a handful of the kind of response Green Day are getting in the world of twitter:

Perhaps there is absolutely no need for this conversation. I am well educated on Green Day’s past work being an ex ‘emo child’ of the OO’s, and so perhaps it should be viewed as no more than a punk rebellion against another controversial presidency.

But we shouldn’t forget that there’s a first time for everything. And that this could not go away. If those with great influence over the population continue to take stands, who knows where this could lead the US.

Have any views on where this could be heading?