You’re a narcissist, and that’s okay.

I hope one day people know my name.

I have refreshed my new blog post 15 times in the last 30mins, just to check.

If I post this, I wonder if people will get the wrong impression of me.

2 million blog posts are created everyday. Can you see yours in this flood? People write blogs for all sorts of reasons. And you can bet each one of these writers is secretly hoping one day their blog will go viral. It’ll become the next Copyblogger or Techcrunch. Maybe it will. Most likely it won’t. But maybe it will.

So that’s enough. There’s a chance so we’ll take it. Sure writing is therapeutic, cathartic, fun. Then why don’t we simply keep a unicorn journal like a certain narrating doctor? We all see ourselves as a little more important than we are. And there is not one thing wrong with that.

We are incapable of being completely altruistic, and yes some of us are more narcissistic than others. But all in all we feel we each have a bigger impact than we do.

Now the purpose of this is really not to put you on a downer. Really it’s not. But simply to encourage you to feel a little more free in your writing.

Be that little more daring. Put that slightly more embarrassing story out there. Because ultimately, people just won’t care. And if they do, they’ll follow you. Right?

We might never say, but we love those completely stripped-bare self-revelations. It’s brings us validation that we’re not alone. We’re a little more normal than we give ourselves credit for.

And we love that. “I’m crazy, but this guy takes the biscuit, so I don’t need to worry so much”. The whole “there’s someone worse off than me, so I can carry on as I am” attitude is gold for writers.

Self validation is what we love. So don’t hold back. Because what you feel is something that only you do, only you know and only you think, is likely to resonate with the majority. Give them what they’re looking for. And you’ll maybe come one step closer to your own narcissistic dream of becoming popular on the blogosphere.

Share with me what you feel was your most revealing, daring and courageous post. I dare you ;)

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