The good old days when crypto companies used security tokens to raise capital are now gone. Entrepreneurs can no longer sell tokens that have no payment obligation or dilution effect on the company.

Back in the day, companies would raise millions without any responsibility to the investors. Thousands of utility tokens were offered to the public, but most of these have lost their value or their liquidity.

So what happened?

The ICO fever

The ICO fever started with Mastercoin in July 2013. Ethereum followed in 2014, raising about 3700 BTC in the first 12 hours of its presale. This was approximately 2.3 million…

The merger integrates ‘the three t’s’ of tokenization, treasury management, and trading for the first time, resolving a major bottleneck in the STO market.

The digital securities market has generated strong investor interest but been hindered by pervasive fragmentation. Projects that support token issuance are abundant but the tokens often have nowhere to trade because of the lack of compliant STO (security token offering) exchanges.

That all changes with the merger of, Formosa Financial and CEZEX, which creates a complete digital asset ecosystem covering token issuance and listing, treasury management and trading. By providing a straightforward interface for programming…

Monday, February the 4th, 2019, Hong Kong, Crypto exchange has announced a partnership with payment processor Simplex, enabling clients to purchase a range of popular cryptocurrencies by credit or debit card.

Clients can visit for further details.

Initially, the solution will support the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), & Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with USD or EUR. Management of have also confirmed that more coins and currencies will be added for purchase at a later stage.

This partnership with Simplex, a leading EU-licensed payment services provider, provides a regulated and secure framework through which’s…

Newton Project has officially launched its blockchain product NewChain TestNet, along with Newton’s wallet NewPay and browser NewExplorer.

This marks that Newton now has a product which embodies its visions for the future, namely a gradual and steadfast process to commercialization.

With regards to transaction processing speed, technical solutions and product functions, Newton’s NewChain TestNet and other products have achieved a very high level of technological sophistication in order to meet commercial requirements.

According to Newton’s official announcement, NewChain TestNet has been able to reach 10,000 TPS; in real WANs, it can reach 5,000 TPS. …

As the Bitcoin ATM revolution continues to change markets, industries, and the masses’ relationship with digital currency, one company has established itself as a vital component to cryptocurrency adoption; that company is Bitcoin Depot. Cash is no longer king, as crypto-ATMs are looking to convert physical fiat into decentralized cryptocurrency, money that puts the power into the hands of the people rather than institutions.

This year Bitcoin Depot has already doubled their record from 2017. Bitcoin Depot recently reached the 160 ATM mark with an install rate of over 7 ATMs per month. That number is expected to reach 200…

MoneyToken crypto-backed loans platform has announced making zero-interest loans available for everyone.

From 12th September onward, anyone will be able to join the MoneyToken platform and get a loan under a 0% interest rate.

To get a zero interest rate crypto-backed loan on the MoneyToken platform, users are required to purchase a special membership that allows for zero-interest conditions. It can be purchased with IMT tokens, which users can easily find on various partner platforms like CoinSuper, BitForex, IDEX, etc.

All IMT tokens spent on the purchase of memberships will be burned.

MoneyToken.Com is a new kind of lending platforms…

94% of Transactions are done offline and 3 billion people are underbanked and unbanked in Emerging Markets

“CrowdForce” Announces Launching of ICO For Their Blockchain Based Agency Banking & Data Collection Platform

Mahe — In 2016 Alphabet’s CEO, Eric Schmidt predicted that “the next $100 billion company will be driven by crowd-based solutions.” CrowdForce is leveraging blockchain, mobile technology and a crowdsourced agent network to bring the next billion consumers to the digital economy.

The journey to “CrowdForce” began three years ago when we at MobileForms identified two of the major problems facing Emerging markets was the inability to gather…

TokenGen is now in a league of its own in terms of token crowdsale automation. The tool’s 3.0 version provides an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to run and manage a token generation event, but doesn’t have the necessary programming know-how.

TokenGen’s main two “competitors” provide the most comprehensive contact form on the market alongside a requestable UI (Rocket courtesy of EtherParty) and an escrow contract (dubbed Tabby Pay and brought to you by BlockCAT). These two projects aspired to achieve what TokenGen has already done, but have failed to deliver on their promise spectacularly. …

Imagine a perfect world where the advertisement of your brand is shown only to target audience any time they use their phones. The targeting is based on location, gender, education and other characteristics which gives advertisers and brands only real views for real possible clients. The advertising market launches more and more more application that are developed in accordance with brands’ requirements and provide a possibility to set detailed configurations and make promotion process simpler. …

The blockchain technology has recently gained a great popularity and there are unlikely people who haven’t heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The more coins enter the market, the more trading opportunities should be provided. In this case, crypto exchanges come into play. CoinMarketCap has over 200 trading platforms in its rating list. In fact, there are over 500 exchanges to choose from. Coinsbit has looked at the existing trading platforms and marked out key features that reliable and safe crypto exchange should have.

Key features of a perfect exchange

The rules for any exchange in the market are simple: registered…

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