How To Beat The Crippling Cost Of Divorce

£70,000. The average spend on getting divorced in the UK. In London the average cost is a staggering £134,525.

Cost of divorce

A recent survey has found that the cost of divorce is rising and Lawyers are a significant portion of people’s costs. Other costs included; alternative accommodation, interest on unpaid debt, loss of income or employment and loss of shared assets. As interesting, maybe, are the comments from readers of the article across multiple newspaper sites. It seems that divorcees are critical of legal professionals, ironic as the survey was commissioned by a law firm.

At amicable, we know that retaining two separate lawyers increases the cost of divorce and provokes conflict. Having a lawyer negotiate your divorce also takes away control from the divorcing couple. This is interesting when you consider only 27% of people want someone else to make decisions for them.

Broken model

The survey also reveals that people prioritised getting things sorted out quickly with over three-quarters of people saying this was their number one priority.

Firstly people want to keep control of the process, minimise the cost of divorce and get it done quickly. They don’t have much faith in the legal profession to do any of these things, and it appears that the current model for divorce is broken. Furthermore people want something new and also something different that allows them a better way forward with their lives.

Changing the way, the world divorces

Whilst the survey makes interesting reading — its contents are no surprise. At amicable, we know from listening to our customers that people want faster, fairer and fixed price ways to divorce and separate. We’ve designed our services to meet the needs of our customers and to revolutionize the way the world divorces.

Here’s a summary of what amicable offers

  • Our unique free app allowing you to collect, share and communicate essential divorce information with your ex. Choose what to share and have a complete record of all your agreements in one place
  • Your own friendly, expert divorce coach to answer queries, manage the divorce process and help you and your partner make agreements about your kids and finances
  • Legal and financial information, expert divorce advice, parenting and negotiation support. We ensure you have all the information and skills you need so you can settle your arrangements
  • Fixed fee arbitration if you can’t agree or want someone else to make settlement decisions for you. Our service guarantees you an outcome If your negotiations get stuck
  • Divorce processing service, meaning peace of mind as amicable fills-in, files and takes care of all your legal paperwork, offering support and guidance along the way
  • Transparent, fixed price fees (all include VAT) with the opportunity to add on help as and when you need it, not pay for it regardless

The cost of divorce is changing

There are so many costs to doing divorce badly. Aside from the financial cost there are the emotional scars and damage to your children. At amicable we understand that divorce is about family re-organisation not family break-down. We’ve designed our service to help you achieve your divorce and a better future apart.

Our app is now avaliable for download, click here.

To find out more about the services we offer or for a no obligation phone call — sign up here.

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