Keep going, keep growing!

Or how we launched our project on Product Hunt

You never know what’s comin’ for ya.

We marked Thursday, June 4th, as a red-letter day in our calendar. Follow Hunt was featured on Product Hunt.

It was around 4 AM Pacific Time. We did not sleep and were making last bug fixes for out beta. Phone started to vibrate and gmail notification told us that our product was featured and available for audience.

I lost my hope for sleep …

Through all the night and morning we participated in discussion and recieved more than 20 comments including some very valuable suggestions, bug reports and questions.

It seems to us that people has already expected our product:

Somebody lost his chance!

Some of them were very kind:

Kudos to us!

And some of them asked us very good questions which we still neet to figure out how to answer correctly:

Challenge me!

Definitely we have got a postive experience and have been inspired by people’s interest and support. But it is too early to drink Champagne, we have just released our MVP and need to work hard to build strong community.

Keep going, keep growing!

Project Description

Follow Hunt is Product Hunt for people: live community where you can find the most interesting people to follow on social media networks according to your interests. There all of us are trying to collect and categorize most talanted, inspirational and professional people’s social accounts from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, etc.

Please, drop us an email in case of any comments, we would be happy to talk to you:

Keep going, keep growing!
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