WEDM Chapter 5 Assignment

A few months ago I was introduced to the website Reddit and I have been visiting it often since then. I immediately found it to be less visually appealing than other websites, such as ESPN or Facebook. I first thought it looked like a cheap website and felt that it could be organized in a different manner. Being new to Reddit I wasn’t quite sure where to begin when I first went to the webpage. I believe it has the visual style of being able to simply navigate the page if you are a daily user. At the top of the page they have tabs listed as “hot”, “new”, and “rising”, which allows the user to stay up to date with the hottest trends on the site. There is also a tab with a huge list of just about any topic you can think of, which I think is also helpful for users, however, I think this could be a bit more visually appealing. Because the list is so long, I think it would be ideal to allow the user to customize the list and choose the topics they are most interested in. This would make it easier to navigate to what you are specifically looking for, as well as not be so overwhelming when viewing the different topics.

I think the “about” page on Reddit is very appealing, colorful, and explains what Reddit is. It has the saying “The conversation starts on Reddit”, and I believe this is short, simple, and to the point which makes for a useful and appropriate tone. However, in order for Reddits actual site to be more appealing I would incorporate more color and use appealing phrases to draw people in. I think it’s useful that the site immediately forces you to choose a topic and scroll through the different options of material; however, this makes it less visually appealing. Each subreddit usually has some sort of visual next to it in order for the user to get an idea for what they will be viewing, whether it’s a picture or a video. I think the use of these small graphics encourages users to click on the material to get engaged.

I believe the tone and rhythm is consistent throughout the site, which also matches the audience. Individuals can keep up with digital trends, news, and also view many cute animals, which can brighten anyone’s day. The community members of Reddit can share absolutely anything to other users and vote on which stories and discussions are important to them. In order to keep a strong community within this site I think it is important to remain visually appealing, while also giving users the topics and stories they specifically will read. I would organize it in a way that was easier for first time users and more colorful to draw more people in. Although this is less visually appealing to me, it has really started to draw me in and I find myself using it daily.