Somewhere, But Nowhere I Know
Ted Rheingold

This was such a beautiful post, Ted. I had pretty big surgery some years back and my incredible anesthetist told me: “Kate, you have to learn to be a high-achiever patient”. She said she had “seen people like me” who “weren’t good at recovering” and so I had to re-frame the whole recovery period as a thing I had to ace, rather something to endure. Sharing because it really changed my outlook on it, and while it’s not the same as cancer survivorship, it was long and arduous and I approached it with zeal, taking naps like a boss, asking people for help, swallowing all the pain meds, and boasting to myself about how good a patient I was ;) Have patience with being a patient — it’s the hardest thing — but I’m sure you can ace it, too.

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