It’s Not the Internet, It’s Me

Houston, We Have a Problem

As only a handful of you know, I’ve been in a funk.

This funk started in January and has been stalking me for almost 4 months now. Not only have I been physically drained, but my mental clarity went through the floor.

Plus…all the feels. Way too many emotions that didn’t make sense. Hopelessness was all too familiar. The words “Something’s just wrong” came out of my mouth more than I’ve ever heard.


This week was different.

Attitude Check

As my iron and B12 levels are finally on the rise (thanks to daily supplements), the restored energy is allowing me to take a better look at my attitude.

It’s. been. terrible.

I was shocked to discover just how much negativity I’d been hoarding. I was drowning my subconscious with self criticism, horrible news stories, environmental crisis articles, and the like.

Thanks to social media algorithms, the more I clicked on the bad, the less I saw of the good. Literally.


The moment I uncovered this truth, I began searching for new things.

I quit clicking on articles about gutting the EPA–which, yes, is super important, I know…but it’s not healthy for me to dwell on it. And I started clicking on things like Costa Rica ran entirely on renewable energy for more than 250 days last year and articles that outlined the best routine for gaining Clarity and Creativity.

I stopped watching things like 13 Reasons Why (y’all, I can’t), and I started watching Girl Boss (which I’m still undecided about).

I opted for positive news and healthy living articles. Success stories, new initiatives, recipes, workouts, and the like. (of course, I also shamelessly indulge in the occasional cat video)

When I started digesting content with intentionality, the best thing happened. My life started getting a little brighter…figuratively speaking. I felt like I had finally found a way out of this happy-drought I’d been dragging myself through.

You see, input = output.

I’ve said it time and time again. But it remains true.

And Here We Are

It’s been a great week. And a great month.

And there are always things to be thankful for. ALWAYS.

Taking the time to acknowledge your blessings is the hard part. Because who has time to think?

We had a meeting with all the directors at Field Agent this week. And the last thing we discussed was making time to think.

Sure we were talking about our business in particular, but this concept applies to all facets of our lives. The more time you have to think, the more likely you are to make adjustments to better your life.

What did you do this week that made you happy? Excited? Satisfied?

No really, stop for a minute and answer those questions.

If you can’t think of anything, it’s time for a change.

You should intentionally be feeding your mind, body, heart, and soul.

A Few Bottom Lines

Adventures only stop when you stop.
Relationships must be nurtured.
A hobby is an investment of your time and energy on a consistent basis.
Getting in shape requires you to get up and get going.
You won’t learn anything new until you seek knowledge.

In regards to whatever you’re struggling with or stuck on, try changing your input. And stick with it. You will be shocked at the outcome.

I hope this inspires you to start (or continue) living a life you would want to relive.

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