Block Party

Audience: Liberty University Community

  1. How the Block Party got started/mission behind it (to make students aware of clubs/opportunities at Liberty, etc)?
  • Research the history of the Block party
  • Interview SA + Center for Ministry Training
  • Pictures of the Block Party from previous years

2. How SA chooses the music artists for the block party (the process of selecting bands, if they ever bring back bands from previous years, etc)?

  • 3 bands this year — research the musicians, type of music they do, etc
  • Interview SA
  • Video promo of music artists, along with pictures

3. Booths at the block party (process of selecting, which booths come every year, the difference advertising makes with the success of restaurants, student clubs, etc)

  • Interview a few different booths
  • Video promo of each booth/pictures of students at the booths
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