5 Former Presidents Group Text: Trump and Putin

George W. Bush: U GUYZ!!!11! where u @? USA FINLLAY RELIZING TRUMP SUZ!

George W. Bush: BUX!@

George H. W. Bush: Hello son and other fellow Presidents! It is always a joy to hear from you. The commotion in Russia is very disturbing. Congress feels weak. I’ve recently decided to stop reading the newspaper. Love to all and wives, GHWB

George W. Bush: SUX!!! UHHHHHHH autocorrect111!

Barack Obama: ah yes! Trump met with putin and then undermined democracy. many treasonous words and a soccer ball? Lol! they should call it democrazy right now!


Barack Obama: sasha read that over my shoulder and says that’s a lame joke! ha. well I love some dad humor and michelle thinks I’m funny.

George W. Bush: WHERE IS EVRY1…….. ???? US goin down in 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bill Clinton: Century candles errant centers always!

George H. W. Bush: Bill, I read your thriller about being president. It was extremely intense and a very fun read. I appreciated that I didn’t have to read it on my computer. I enjoy paper very much. Best, GHWB

Bill Clinton: Sorry everyone. Bill was trying to use speech to text. I will be texting for him while he drives. Hillary here.

George W. Bush: LOLOLOL Hiiiiiiiii HILLLLLLL. Laura sayz 7sup.

Bill Clinton: Yes. I see that. Thank you, Laura. — Hillary

George H. W. Bush: Hillary, if you were president, this would not have happened. I think you mentioned it in one of the debates! You knew all along. Very fun observation, but no one listened. Sorry to hear that. Love to Bill. Stay off the road while he’s on it, America! Best Wishes, GHWB

Jimmy Carter: RUSSIA.

Jimmy Carter: IS.

Jimmy Carter: BAD.

Jimmy Carter: JIMMY.

George W. Bush: SUP JIJMMY!!!! LEARN 2 txt!! LOLOLOL

Barack Obama: michelle and i think this might be the last straw for him before impeachment. No more straws left. just like starbucks in 2020! ha! i am on a roll today.

George W. Bush: dnt fuq w the FBI!!!!!

Barack Obama: i am taking bets on his impeachment day. Let me know if you want in on the pool. My old staffers and i are in on it together. No matter if i win, i’m having a bbq for them all next sunday.

George W. Bush: hill u wud have prolly not made delz with Russia. HAIL RUSSIA — @trump. PSYCH SOI DUM.

Bill Clinton: Thank you very much, George. I appreciate that. I would not have made deals with Russia. And to think “but her emails!” ha! Ridiculous. — Hillary

Barack Obama: and they caught a Russian spy linked to the NRA. that is bad! worse than trumps comb over!

Bill Clinton: Also bill would like me to let you all know that he is also upset with Russia and thinks that patriotism will win. I am going hiking this weekend if anyone who like to go with. — Hillary

Bill Clinton: He also just ran a red light. — Hillary

Jimmy Carter: YOU.

Jimmy Carter: ARE.

Jimmy Carter: A.

Jimmy Carter: GOOD.

Jimmy Carter: WIFE.

Jimmy Carter: JIMMY.

Barack Obama: my daughters look up to u, Hillary! u rock.

George W. Bush: JIMMY — WHR R U RN??? I just sawe a sweter that luk’d like urs in a window in in Nantucket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF. HA. luve that sweter.

George H. W. Bush: Ah yes, seems treasonous, alright! We shall let the American public decide. I have seen many boats today! I am with Georgie + twins + Laura on the island. No Jeb today. Loves Florida too much. When I was a boy, I rowed. Now there are huge motors and incredible yachts! Wow. Time flies. Much love to all boats. Best, GHWB

Jimmy Carter: BOATS.

Jimmy Carter: ARE.

Jimmy Carter: NOT.

Jimmy Carter: SAFE.

Jimmy Carter: JIMMY.


Jimmy Carter: GOODBYE.

Jimmy Carter: AMERICA.

George W. Bush: lol darq jimmm!1 !

Barack Obama: please come to my bbq next Sunday if you’re free. Margaritas and michelle is grilling!

Bill Clinton: We will be in the woods then. Have a great time. — Hillary