The Dust Storm by Geeta Dharmarajan | Art by Atanu Roy

Surge and soar and swirl and roar with a little friend and the dust storm as they take you along for a magical ride across the skies. Perky pictures, catchy rhyme, foot-tapping rhythm and some fantastical creatures waiting to jump into the adventure, it’s a fun read all the way.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you encounter a dust storm? Nearly everyone shuts their eyes or covers them to keep the dust out. We scramble for cover. The Dust storm however presents this phenomenon in a new light.

To find out what happens when a little girl is caught in a dust storm read the book!

Atanu Roy’s illustrations make a dust storm so magical and beautiful. Geeta Dharmarajan keeps the story simple and peppered with catchy rhymes. The book teaches young readers about the beauty in things otherwise considered boring. It is an excellent early lesson in looking at things from a new perspective.

All kids above 5 years will enjoy this book.

Some activities you can link to this book are: Get the kids to make up their own little rhymes. Try talking about rain, thunderstorms or even things like the sunrise and sunset.

Talk about the air, the atmosphere and the rainbow to make it a learning experience!

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The review was featured in Bumble Bee Book Reviews