Daily Dialogue — December 7, 2016
Scott Myers


LISA: You’re gonna start late!

STEVE: You know what Lisa stood for?

LISA: What?

STEVE: The computer, the Lisa, you know what it stood for?

LISA: I’m sorry I said that about the iMac, it’s not what I really think.

STEVE: Behind my back, at the office, you know what it stood for?

LISA: Local Integrated System Architecture. I was five, why couldn’t you just lie?

STEVE: I did. (beat) Of course it was named after you. Local Integrated System Architecture doesn’t even mean anything.

LISA: Why did you say it wasn’t all those years?

STEVE: I honestly don’t know.

LISA: Why did you say you weren’t my father?

STEVE: I’m poorly made.

LISA: It’s after nine. You’re in obliging.

STEVE: Yeah I don’t care.

— Steve Jobs (2015), Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, based on the book by Walter Isaacson


(what is Lisa saying? You’re in obliging. I don’t know the phrase and it’s not in the script. Therefore I hope I didn’t transcript nonsense.)

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Excuse

Trivia: The three sequences in the film were filmed on 16mm, 35mm, and digital to illustrate the advancement in Apple’s technology across the 16 years depicted of Jobs’ life.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Being late has never been an option — but as Jobs apologizes spending time with his daughter is much more important than being on schedule.

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