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Katharine Trauger
Mar 23 · 1 min read

So true.

I had chills, dry throat, and awful fatigue. I was anxious about all that. Really. Mostly because we were keeping our four grandchildren while their mama was in the hospital. Images of disaster were racing toward me.

Until husband required me to take my temp. This was a major deal because we just moved and I wasn’t sure where the thermometer was. However I did find and use it and I was right at 97. Hmm…

Then I remembered the keto diet I’d begun, the four kiddos I was daily chasing, and the Cpap I’d slept without for two nights. Heh heh. I’m actually quite well and have lost five pounds.

Katharine Trauger

Written by

Jesus lover. Writer, Speaker, Counselor, Professional Mom. Contest winner. Woods dweller. Scratch cook. Sorry your house really IS on fire.

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