Draw Your Blueprints for Success

The economy is ever changing. One day the, the stocks are up, the next, they are down. One year, the cost of living isn’t so bad, the next it is. One month there are plenty of jobs in a particular field, the next, there are hardly any to be found. This is why too many people have difficulty staying afloat. They simply can’t keep up with the changes. So how can you?

First, you need to draw up a blueprint. You would never consider building a house without one, right? Building requires a lot of capital, and you would want some assurance that the house is going to be able to weather the storms. If you would not build your house without a blueprint, then why would you build your career or make financial decisions without one?

A good blueprint for financial success is more than just a plan. It’s a detailed strategy for creating wealth. Because it’s a strategy, there are multi-layers to the foundation, one layer backing up another to ensure stability. Only then can the other levels be built.

What are these layers?

  1. Education
  2. Networking
  3. Residual income


The interesting thing about education is that it can come from many sources, not just traditional brick and mortar institutions. We learn through our experiences, and if we are willing to take the time, we can learn through self-reflection, as well as interacting with others. It is imperative that we invest in our own education, whether through training, reading, traditional classes or other methods.


Networking is an essential part of wealth building. When we connect with other professionals and influential people, we not only get a chance to learn, we get the opportunity to share our expertise. The symbiotic relationships that come from networking bring about crucial components of business, such as referrals and recommendations.

Residual Income

Residual income isn’t something most people think about when they are drawing blueprints for the future because, for the most part, we are trained to follow a particular career path, working and advancing in a single job. When the market changes, though, if we do not have residual income, we are left empty-handed, in debt and/or without an income. Making a blueprint that includes residual income is an important method of avoiding financial disaster.

So how do you pull all of this together to ensure you have the right materials to fit your blueprint? You have to find the people who can help you with education, networking and residual income.

As a Senior Vice President for Powerteam International, Rosemary McDowell can get you access to top-notch business education. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you need to learn to market yourself and your talents. You need to learn the technical tools that can help you succeed. And you need to learn about yourself — your personality, your business style.

Through Powerteam, Rosemary can connect you with other professionals and high-profile business people who are making a difference. These connections will serve you well in reaching your career and financial goals.

Finally, by helping you earn residual income, Rosemary can work side-by-side with you in creating success.

By drawing up good blueprints and following them as you build your wealth, you can succeed and, more importantly, stay successful even amidst market and industry changes. Look for future articles on education, networking and residual income, three elements that make up a solid blueprint.


Rosemary McDowell is a successful entrepreneur and business strategist with over 25 years’ experience in government and industry. Learn more at www.rosemarymcdowell.com.

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