Inspiration: Critical to Personal and Professional Success

“If you want to build a ship, do not call together men to make plans, delegate tasks, gather tools and fell trees, instead, instill in them a longing for the great and endless sea.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Inspiration is the soul of motivation and the fuel for action. The drive to make positive change in the world and in ourselves is often derived from our inspiration. Inspiration comes from the Latin word “inspirare”, which means to breathe in. Quite literally, inspiration is the breath of life. It is a subconscious process which can’t just be called forth. Inspiration needs to be cultivated. Like with many other subconscious processes like creative and confidence, being inspired is a feedback loop. You need to act on your inspiration to encourage further inspiration. Being inspired and being able to inspire others is absolutely critical in the world of business. Studies have shown that being inspired lends perspective and allows you to fully access your internal resources like creativity and drive.

What does having inspiration solve in the workplace? Well, in short, inspiration is a kind of jet fuel to become better than who you currently are. For leaders, inspiration can be a powerful tool that brings about additional resourcefulness, wisdom, and influence in the workplace. An inspirational leader can help their employees reach their potential, stretch their goals, and allow them to dream about becoming more. Within teams and organizations, inspiration enhances problem-solving abilities while also adding energy & juice to the corporate culture while increasing employee engagement and retention. Inspiration also holds the key to unlocking the puzzle that confounds so many organizations: managing Millennial workers.

In general, millennials respond to different values than workers in previous generations. The concept of ‘motivation’ is a little bit different for them. They aren’t necessarily chasing money or professional advancement. Millennials want to be inspired. They want to have a purpose and for their work to have a meaning. By inspiring millennials in this way, you can get the absolute best out of them and their considerable talents.

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