Leadership Tool: Success Notebook

Recently I was working with a leader who was starting to suffer burnout from too much consistent stress, pressure, and activity. He’s an executive in the healthcare industry, and that area has been pummeled with dynamic new changes, demands, and needs over the past several years. After some conversation, we discovered that one of the factors contributing to his stress was that he and his teams were not achieving the vision they had set out for themselves. Not only were they seemingly not getting closer, but he himself was starting to lose faith in what that future would be. He typically is quite a visionary in his field, and for him to lose his sense of what ‘could be’ made things bleak for him. He didn’t know if he could trust his aspirations because they weren’t manifesting themselves in the way he envisioned. Setting certain expectations and then not hitting them created a loss of faith in his greater vision. This loss of faith deteriorated his motivation and was starting to affect his energy. Needless to say, his loss of faith and energy also had an impact on what his team deemed possible.

These despondent moments are a common pattern among Guru archetypal blueprint. People running this pattern are used to having ideas flow, being inspired, and seeing possibilities & future visions. When they run into some of the realities of creating results, those ‘devil in the details’ mundane actions or undesired results, they can get discouraged. It is important in these moments to step out of the expectation cycle and start gathering different data, feedback, and evidence so energy can be redirected. These moments are perfect times for a leader to innovate and refresh his or her personal definition of success.

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