“I disagree wholeheartedly”

What am I afraid of? It would be my preference to NOT to be shot randomly in a movie theater with say, 29 other people in a minute and a half. But it doesn’t keep me up nights.

I am not disarming anyone. Keep ALL the single shot guns you want. My only point is, no one, absolutely no one, needs a rapid fire weapon. You can’t hunt with it. It’s only use is to kill people quickly. As you said, there will always be shit people. I would like to make it just a TINY bit more difficult for them. Let them find another way to kill a bunch of people quickly. Timothy McVeigh did it. We will never keep people like him from applying themselves. I just want to make sure that it is not so easy for them as it was in Orlando.

One thing I am not afraid of. I am not afraid my government is going to take over and I will need a gun. — My belief doesn’t make me right, but it doesn’t make me wrong either.

I appreciate the discussion, but I will be on my way now. Your comment about “my precious feelings” and “what are you afraid of” has a bit of a “bait” tone (read trollish), so I will be moving on. Cheers.

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