Litter me with cat videos

Recently, I found myself purring through cat videos trying to cheer myself up after recovering from what felt like the flu and then receiving bad news about a family member. I came upon this one and could NOT stop laughing.

It got me thinking about all the lessons I’ve learned over the past year as a cat mom to two boys that can really smell up the place. Like many cat moms and dads, I struggled to find the right litter for my two kitties. One friend suggested to always buy the cheapest brand because it “doesn’t matter after a while.” Well, that friend has one cat. Choco and Taco are too fairly big boys who leave fairly big you-know-whats.

Lesson #1: Never go to bed with the litter box full (of crap!)

Just like some people never go to bed without washing all the dishes, I suggest never going to bed with a full litter box. Over the course of the night, the smell will linger into every nook and cranny of the apartment and you will wake up wondering what you did to deserve it.

Guilty Taco by Kathleen Brennan

Lesson #2: Only buy what you can carry

I live in downtown San Francisco, right in the middle of everything just not a pet store. Target is the closest store and is on my way home. But have you ever lugged a jug of cat litter for ten blocks? I learned to either have it shipped or only buy one jug at a time. The cats go through about two regular jugs a week or one jug of the lightweight version, which is lifesaver if you’re also carrying a gym bag, purse, and some groceries.

Lesson #3: Hide the smell by whatever means necessary

Even if the litter brand says it’s high performance or scented or extra scented, no litter completely covers the ratchet smell your furry friends create when they do their business.

I love getting home to a smelly apartment on a hot day. Not! I clean the litter box first thing, and what do they do? They go right on and “refill” the box with a present for me. So after every litter box cleaning, I add regular baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to really disguise the smell. All the air fresheners in the world won’t help. Believe me, I’ve tried them! Adding baking soda neutralizes the stench very quickly. As if baking soda needed one more awesome thing it could do.

I buy cat litter that already has added baking soda, so I go on and add some more. It’s a must because they don’t add enough. Mix it in well and don’t worry about your kitty getting a little on his or her tail and licking it off. A cat would need a full cup or so for it to be toxic.

Hope this helps!

Au revoir!


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