Top 3 SF bars to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

This year, St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday, March 17. Although the San Francisco annual parade has passed, there are still a couple places you can go to after work to celebrate.

In my opinion, the top three spots are in downtown San Francisco. Some may beg to differ, but I dare you to just go to one of these, enjoy a glass of Guinness, and try not to have fun. You will fail. Even though I am only a quarter Irish, my liver says otherwise.

Bar #1: Royal Exchange/Harrington’s Block Party

This is always a FiDi favorite. The crowd is rowdy but in a “suit” kind of way. Head down here for a beer or two and then head to the next block party just a few blocks away.

Bar #2: The Irish Bank Block Party

Only a few bars in San Francisco are truly Irish bars, and this is one of them. The Bank has good food and always attracts bit of a younger crowd, so plan to arrive liquored up already.

Bar #3: The Chieftain Party

Need to wind it down? Nope! It’s St. Paddy’s Day! Come for a nightcap. There’s not a lot of places to sit but you’ll be glad you came. Drink up. Your boss will understand the next day. I hope…