10 Tips For Decorating Your Home

After graduating, I finally thought about getting rid of dorm habits and form myself a nice warm nest to show off to my friends and settle down like normal people but when I started making plans, I found myself in greater hole than I originally imagined. It seemed like an elastic rope that would keep stretching as you keep tugging. So, after many mistakes and redoing, I finally found out some things, few I found over internet through blogs, of which some worked and some didn't suit well and there were some use able and some I liked but weren't practical in my situation to my deep sorrow. But in the end it doesn't matter even if you have a greats sense of colours, shapes and patterns which might help you in picking things up but in the end there are some tips and tricks, only you can finds from pros or getting old in the process. Since, life is short these days and many of us already want to move on to better things, here are few simple yet unique and useful ideas to help getting it better and quick.

Paint an inexpensive piece of furniture white

White furniture always looks elegant with a hint of elite within it. Furniture with a little personality can be a great piece to be added in your home and if painted white going with the theme of room like the tusk of an elephant, huge in its size and priceless in its demeanour.

Cover the wall with plates

If you have a wall that can become a great display and is yet barren waiting for itself to be taken care of then Using plates of different shapes and sizes and even colours if you can go that for is quite simple and cheap way to create a great display.

Wallpaper your vinyl shades

Vinyl shades looks too boring and strict sometimes if there isn't enough in the room to cover up for their loss unless you are careful in buying and going an extra step. In such case, you can save a lot of time as well as money and have it all pretty pretty.

Dress up your hallways

Well, there are always some hallways or corridors on your house that look to dark and gloomy like before entering a cave, no matter how much you dress up your room but you can’t do anything about it. well, now we found a way, dress up in a warm cosy way based on any culture you want.

Move seating away from your walls

Symmetry sometimes feel great, lining away around the structure of the house but sometimes it better to change the rules like moving seat setting away from walls and towards each other , it creates a warmer feeling just like gathering of family members or kids gathered for a story.

Re-upholstering Furniture with old curtains

sometimes, we get bored by curtains or want to change the theme of the room and the first thing for that purpose must be changing of curtains because they are the most distinct feature after furniture. Often, the texture of curtains is really good and you don't want to waste it, in that case using old curtains is like killing two birds with one stone.

Mix decor style

You like many of things and you have many different parts of different puzzles and yo are thinking of turning it into a single picture, well it’s a difficult but if different styles can compliment each other like a modern simple dull theme furniture with rich old, classical decor can turn it into a unique idea.

Gold is glamorous

Gold no matter where when added instantly makes it grand and gorgeous. Adding a tint of it to the furniture of just a little lining can make great differences.

Refinish into vintage theme

Following a common trend in houses like modern decor after sometime can become really depressing, for a bit of change you can turn your room vintage.

Add old items to your decor

Old items showing signs of wear and tear with age or precious hand me downs can add beauty to the room without doing much.

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