Writing Prompt - Closure

It’s cold out. It’s cold out and I’m kneeling on the ground. The dampness is sinking into the knees of my jeans. You know how much I hate the cold. See how much you mean to me?

I’m staring at you and waiting for you to tell me why I’m out here. Say something, anything at all. Make sense of this for me and tell me why it’s happening. Why hearts had to break and everything had to end just as one-sided as it started and existed. Give me that closure so I can let all this go and the book that is my world can end this story-line. Grant me that and I’ll never ask another thing of you again.

They told me this would help, but it doesn’t. If I reach out to touch you what will happen? Cold, just as cold as this ground I’m kneeling on. And smooth. Why does that surprise me? I know that the grooves I’m tracing spell your name, but there’s no meaning there and no ending. I understand now that there isn’t ever going to be.

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