An Independence Day Message

On July 4th, it’s time to declare our independence from Washington special interest money and knee jerk party line voting in Congress.

If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans in North Carolina can agree on, it’s that Washington politics is broken. Recently, we’ve seen nothing but the worst out of Washington.

Washington, DC special interests spread millions of dollars in campaign contributions around, and members of Congress vote their way, not our way.

Take our congressman, Ted Budd.

In just one term in Congress, Budd has taken over $230,000 dollars from the financial industry, including thousands from predatory payday lenders, who gouge working families, seniors, and members of our military by charging 300% interest or more.

Ted Budd had the choice — stand up for North Carolina families or take the side of the payday lenders. Congressman Budd followed the money, right from the checkbooks of payday lenders into his campaign account, and then he sponsored legislation to protect those paycheck bandits.

But for Congressman Budd, it’s not just payday lenders. Budd voted for Washington’s tax plan that gave a trillion-dollar tax break to corporations, blowing a hole in the deficit and opening the door to cutting Social Security and Medicare.

And guess who gave Budd hundreds of thousands of dollars? If you said corporate special interest PACs, you get how Washington works.

When he’s not voting for his donors, Ted Budd votes with his party leadership 95%.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t even agree with my best friend 95% of the time. How could you vote with your party that much? No party is right 95% of the time.

I say, its time to change the way Washington works. That starts with taking special interest money out of Washington politics and putting North Carolina’s families before any political party.

My name is Kathy Manning, and I’ve never run for office before. I am running for Congress to change how Washington works, and that starts with refusing to take any money from corporate PACs. The only thing I want to be beholden to in Congress are the people of North Carolina.

They might be able to control others, but they can’t buy my vote. It’s time we had a member of Congress who puts North Carolina first, not Washington special interests.

But all that’s wrong with Washington is not just the fault of one party. The whole system is broken, and that applies to the Democrats, too. I’m a Democrat and have supported Democrats my entire life. But we are at a crisis point in our country and both parties are to blame.

It’s time for both parties to take responsibility and do something about it.

For the last six months, I’ve been listening to people in our state — traveling thousands of miles across the communities that make up our district and attending nearly 200 events at local businesses, places of worship, and in people’s homes. From Statesville to High Point to Salisbury, I hear a similar thing from families across this district: they’re ready for a leader who’s going to put party aside, close the door to special interest influence, and put North Carolina first.

That’s why I have decided if I want to change how Washington works, I cannot vote for more of the same, and I cannot support Nancy Pelosi or Paul Ryan to lead Congress. We need fresh faces and bold ideas leading both parties, and that’s exactly what I will vote for if the people of North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District send me to Congress.

The only way to change Washington is to change who’s in charge of Washington.

For July 4th, I am declaring my independence from the special interests and knee jerk party loyalty. I am running for Congress to put country over party, and core principles over corporate PAC money and special interest influence.

If you think Washington could use a little blast of independence, I hope you will stand with me.