A Flop Unlike Any Other…
M.G. Siegler

I don’t think it’s selling to women. Colorful wristbands, Hermes leather — yea, whatever. I wouldn’t say it’s a flop either, but living in Los Angeles, I have yet to see anyone wear it. Personally, I don’t own one. As a fan of Apple products (I own a desktop, two iPhones and an iPad mini), this is one device that hasn’t sold me. It’s just not aesthetically appealing to me, on the superficial level. As an average working woman (I work in social media), how does this really solve a problem for me? Does it decrease clutter? Does it really save me more and make my life easier by owning it? Maybe that’s not the point. It’s just another excuse to consume more Apple.

An interesting thing: most of the people commenting here so far, save myself and one other, are male, so this says something to me, even with this statistically insignficant data: it’s not appealing to women.