To pass successfully the job interview is peace of cake :)

It’s been always easy for me to get a job. And not any job, but the one I wanted. Why is it so? Simple, I was never scared and worried when I was going to interview.

I’ve constantly had a job since I was 18. Not one, but I’ve changed couple of them. From sales representative for cosmetics chain, through secretary in Ministry of labor, business controller for big corporation, through business analyst to project manager and social media manager. All of the position were good and I liked them, but to be honest, I mainly liked the money coming to my bank account every month, to afford all my expenses. (I have to admit, I’m a big fan of shopping, drinking, traveling and having fun :) After all, why not. I’m only keeping the healthy balance in economy. Giving the money back into system;))

When I went for the interview for sales rep-I was smiling, I was polite,I was talkative using persuasive tone, well and bit sexy dressed. They hired me. After my graduation I applied for position of business controller. I was wearing conservative dress,my hair tight back, I spoke slowly and deliberately, and I was referring back to my excellent overall study results(it was my first real job I didn’t really have other cards to play)and quick learning ability. They hired me. After this position I changed to another, similar one, but in bigger company and better paid. I’ve also passed the interview easily. So all together I’ve been working in analytics field for almost five.

But sometimes to have a good paid job is simply not enough, so I’ve decided to make a change after world of numbers to creative world-to online marketing. My first step there was through online web analyst position on marketing department in online fashion mall company based in 15countries. I’ve made it. But how the hell you ask? I did my best and persuade my future boss to be, that I’m his best choice and I know just everything about online world, about google analytics, social media and everything else what is needed for that position. I stayed there for 9months and after that I passed the interview for social media manager in marketing agency called Generations.

Coming to the point. No, it’s not easy to pass the interview, but all of us have the right equipment to make it happen. So make it simple, what I did to succeed:

  • by yourself- it’s in you to succeed
  • play mirrors -play the game with your “opponent”-after all you both want the same thing. He or she is also not keen on wasting time on nonsuitable candidates, wants the perfect one and that’s you. Watch him and adjust yourself to him. If you can help yourself with appropriate behavior, clothing, makeup, tonality of your voice, good for you. Any little detail can help.
  • last but not the least-be prepared. Learn everything you can about the company, if can about person who will sit opposite to you (finally use social media for something useful) and be the right person for the position. The last point is essential, what for the afford, if you are not sure you will like what you’ll be doing. When I was going to interviews I was learning hell a lot to know what I will be talking about and what I will be doing on the position. When I wanted to switch from analytics to marketing it took me weeks to got all the information into my head and be in the topic, learn everything about social media, paid campaigns, how to set them up, how to analyze the results, learn how to build webpages, set up plugins, find automation tools to help me out, start using them and only after that, when I had so so idea about it, I went for the interview and persuade the person opposite me, that I really know what I’m talking about and I’m his best bet.

To wrap this all up. Getting a job is easy, preparation for it, can take a while. But if it’s worthy, go for it. If you choose a job, make sure it is the right one for you. Even if I passed the interviews and worked on great positions, I still haven’t find the right one for me … but I know, there is one perfect out there just for me and when I find it, you can bet on it, that I will pass the interview. ;)