5 Things You Should Consider Before Booking A Holiday Home

It’s an amazing feeling when you’re going away. Whether it’s a weekend or a week, but before you get ahead you should consider whether a holiday home is suitable for you.

Depending on yourself or you’re travelling companions, you may need to adjust where you go. It could be that you have small children, food intolerance's or a disability and need a place that’s suitable for you.

Here are five things to consider before renting a holiday home. You don’t want to arrive only to find it’s going to be really difficult to enjoy yourself.


For those who have a furry friend, you may be inclined to take them on holiday as well. However, not all homeowners allow pets in their properties. It could be that they feel pets may knock something over or muck up the place.

If that is the case you will have to find a place that is comfortable with pets staying at their holiday home. This can be easy enough as these properties specifically say whether or not they allow pets.

Once you’ve found a place that is pet-friendly you should then research the surrounding area. Walking trails or pet-friendly places might be limited. It’s unfair to go away with your dog and leave your animal in the holiday home while you go out for the day.

After all, a mans or woman’s best friend shouldn’t be left behind.

Disabled Access

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It’s quite obvious that if you or a person in your group is disabled you will need a residence that is easily accessible. Again this would be clearly stated on the advertisement in which the property was listed.

However, it’s worthwhile inquiring on which parts of the holiday home is accessible. It may be that the living room has been specifically converted into a bedroom for a person with a disability. An arrangement like this comes with its plus and minuses. The spacious accommodation may be more suitable however the room may also stream in light. The futon could be uncomfortable. It could be easily disturbed by other guests wanting to use the kitchen or bathroom. A floor plan will help you decipher whether the sleeping arrangements will work out.

It’s also worth checking the terrain of the property. The entrance may be gravel or uneven stones which could make it difficult to manoeuvre around. The location is also important as the property could be situated miles from the town or village. Or it could be in a relatively close area but requires a walk uphill. If you don’t have a car this could prove difficult to explore the area.

While these are obvious factors to consider it is something that can be overlooked. Especially if it’s a destination you want to go to and if the property looks nice.

It’s All About The Kids!

If you’re on a fun family vacation you’ll ideally, want to go to a place that has plenty of places to entertain the kids.

Not only does it keep them out of mischief it also makes them happy and the entire holiday more memorable. There could be good hiking places around that they can explore or local attractions you can visit. The seaside is always a good choice as there is often arcades, the beach, rides, candy floss and fish n’ chips. Little treats on the way are a great way to keeping the kids happy.

Going away isn’t always about a break from work or school. It’s about creating memories, ones which you can reflect on. Nearby attractions, fun fairs, hiking trails are a perfect way to keep the kids busy…

Dining Out

In the last 50 years, people’s eating habits have massively changed. We’ve got vegans, vegetarians and carnivores. Then, of course, there are those who have nut allergies and those who are gluten and lactose intolerant.

Such preferences and conditions can make eating out a difficult process. It’s only in recent years that variations of foods have started appearing on menus in restaurants. Whilst this is true, small independent restaurants and cafes may be limited to what they can provide. Ultimately making it a challenge to find an eatery that suits your dietary needs.

As always, you can turn to the Internet when in doubt. Even the smallest of businesses tend to have a Facebook page or a website. Usually, the menu is featured online and indicates who the food is suitable for. If this method fails you could find a directory and call the establishment for further information.

Sadly not all places can or are suitable for your needs. Food is a huge part of travel because it’s the roots of a country’s culture. With it being that important you should definitely consider if you can eat local cuisine whilst away.

Proximity To Civilisation

Photo credit: Lord Skully via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

A holiday home is usually in a place with a great view which can mean you are further away from the local town, village or city. Certain properties may be listed as ‘close by’ but upon arrival, close by is a 15 minute drive away. Close by for one person could be an entirely different to another person.

This could be a predicament for those who don’t drive or have a car in that area. Which also means you could be left shelling out for public transport or taxis. However, if you choose a property that is located nearer the town, village or city, access becomes much easier. Being a little closer can make a lot of difference. After a long day of exploring you might be tired and want to get back quickly. A long, complicated and expensive journey back could be infuriating.

It also makes you closer to the shops. Which is ideal in emergencies i.e. purchasing milk, tea, coffee etc. Plus if you’re too far out you could feel isolated. For some that may sound like the perfect vacation, for others it may not.

Location is an important factor, effectively it determines how your holiday will be like. Will it include a lot of walking, will it be lively and in the heart of the place or will it be a quite relaxing one?


When looking for a holiday rental home there are many factors to consider. Factors that could make or break what is supposed to be a nice getaway.

Of course, it completely comes down to what experience you want and what type of place you aim to travel to and the people you are travelling with. It’s worth researching a place and the holiday home itself. That way you can be sure that you will have the holiday that you want.

The chances are the more you research the less likely that you will be left disappointed. It also means that you know you can do the things that interest you. Ultimately it can give you a relaxing, fun and exciting vacation.

Katie Hetherington, travel enthusiast who is always on the lookout for quality accommodation when travelling and exploring new towns, cities and villages. For more information or if you have any questions regarding travel, food and holiday homes contact me via Schofields on Twitter and Facebook.

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