Okay..Here it is!

Friends! The day is FINALLY here — I am officially launching full-time into my consulting business.

It would be thrilling to say I am a HUGE risk-taker and just woke up this morning and decided to quit my day job to start consulting. But alas I am far too practical for that. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think that’s the best way to start a business.

It actually all started about three years ago when businesses began asking me to consult. Slowly, it evolved into me working with more and more clients, spending endless time researching, developing, pivoting, and really just learning a lot about myself.

I remember being so stressed out when I graduated college — wondering what I would do with myself if I hated my first job. Which is just so laughable now considering I’ve had more jobs and career paths than anyone I know. But each one of those opportunities, jobs, and creative ventures have resulted in me gaining invaluable knowledge and experience across various industries. And all of it has allowed me to slowly start consulting…and now I get to actually make it my full-time job.

So what is different now that I am moving into full-time consulting?

I will be transitioning out of my position as WELD Director on January 1st. Though I will still have the joy of working with the WELD team on a smaller scale with marketing and back-end operations, the switch will allow me the capacity to start acquiring new clients and the time to focus on my current clients.

My day-to-day will look like meeting with various freelancers, businesses, and organizations, helping them grow and develop by creating marketing and operational strategies. With a strong focus on setting them up for long-term success, I will work with them to identify and stay true to their core identity and unique value.