My latest interview with the lovely, Digital Media Specialist, Katie Philo!

📝 What are you currently working on? 
📝 I’m currently a Social and Content Manager for BritBoxTV — a streaming service for British Television, co-created by the BBC and ITV. I’m the resident Digital Media specialist. It’s essentially my job to source, produce, publish and optimize social media content that promotes the BritBox brand and content, as well as British culture, to our subscribers and beyond.

✨ Most memorable career moment?
✨ Working on BBC Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) for two seasons is definitely up there. There’s nothing like producing content in a live production environment for millions of people. It’s a real phenomenon in the UK and trends every week — you get a real buzz of excitement and adrenaline.

💻 Secret to successful digital?
💻 Always putting your audience first and thinking about the platform you’re creating for and publishing on. It’s lazy to cross-pollinate copy and content, without being platform specific. I also think agility and reactivity are key ingredients to success — you’ve got to be ready to ride a moment or trend. And having a tight feedback loop is absolutely vital. You need to monitor what works and doesn’t work. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work… it’s as simple as that.

🛠 Favorite workflow tools?
🛠 I absolutely LOVE a good list. Working in digital, you’re often managing many projects at once. Trello is a great way to keep tabs on everything. I’m also partial to Wunderlist. And then, Google Cal, Docs, Sheets and Slides are fantastic as live working documents within a fast-moving team setting.

🦄 Was there a moment when you realized what you wanted to do or what you were doing seemed “right”?
🦄 I’ve wanted to work in broadcasting from the age of 13, when I interviewed Madonna on a Children’s BBC show called Newsround. I love stories and storytelling, so this feels right. It’s basically a way to connect with people. I also work really well under pressure and love a challenge — so working in an ever-changing digital and broadcast environment aligns perfectly. I don’t think there’s ever been a ‘moment’ in which I feel I’ve ‘arrived’. I’m a firm believer in enjoying the journey and that’s exactly what I’m doing (most of the time!).

📚 What are you currently reading? 
📚 I read a lot of non-fiction, but I now try to have a fiction and non-fiction title on the go at all times to cater for my mood. On the fiction front, I’m reading ‘Swing Time’ by Zadie Smith. I’d surprisingly never read any Zadie Smith before, but I’m really enjoying it. And on the non-fiction, I’m making my way through the brilliant ‘Meet me in the Bathroom’’. It’s an oral history detailing the rebirth of the New York rock scene from 2001–2011, written and compiled by music journalist Lizzy Goodman. A staple for any New York history buff or music fan. I have this running list of all the places mentioned and try to visit them, particularly if they’re in my neighborhood. Even if they’re now unassuming stairwells or coffee shops, it’s always nice to piece together New York history by foot.

🔎 Do you know your Myers Briggs personality type? 
🔎 The last time I took the test I was “The Mediator” (INFP-T). I’m never sure if my results are determined by what I was feeling the day I took it…

🌌What is your zodiac sign and do you think it is accurate?
🌌 I’m a Taurus. I can definitely be stubborn… to an extent. But I get over and forgive in conflict pretty quickly. I’d say I’m reliable and devoted, but I guess all Taurus’ would lay claim to these traits too, right?!

🔥 What’s your biggest ambition?
🔥 I would love to write and direct a film one day. And beyond that, my ambition is to be content and happy.