In 2014, five friends and I created #ANGELS, an investment collective. Our goal is to leverage our combined expertise building and scaling technology companies to help more entrepreneurs succeed, and get more women on the cap tables of successful startups.

Since launching #ANGELS, I have had the privilege of investing in 40 companies including Cameo, Carta, Coinbase, Ethel’s Club, Lambda School, Literati, Modern Fertility, Shape Security and Threads. Partnering with these start-ups has been life changing. While I loved my day job as an operator, I discovered how much I love working with great founders at the beginning of their journeys. Earlier this year, I decided that the next chapter of my career would focus on investing.

I spent a few months exploring the various paths towards investing full-time. I ultimately decided that the best way for me to make the impact that I wanted to make was to create something new. Venture favors the incumbents and as a result, we see a lot of disparity in the business including only 9% of equity going towards women and less than 3% of funding going to all-female founding teams. We need bigger swings to modernize the venture status quo and make more room for more people to participate.

So here’s my big swing. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce Moxxie Ventures, a seed stage firm focused on backing exceptional founders who make life and work better. Moxxie’s first fund is $25M and backed by some of the best in the business including Industry Ventures, Cendana, Foundry Group, Upfront Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Gingerbread Capital, #ANGELS, Susan Wojcicki, Anne Wojcicki, Katie Haun, Aileen Lee, Gina Bianchini, Marc Andreessen, Chris & Crystal Sacca, Jerry Yang, Ev & Sara Williams, Bain Capital Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Felicis Ventures and many more people I greatly admire.

While Moxxie will invest in entrepreneurs of all genders and backgrounds, I am particularly excited to partner with those who have been traditionally underrepresented and underestimated. Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, and I want to support a diverse network of entrepreneurs with capital, mentoring, experience and whatever it takes to bring their visions to life. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with many of my peers, friends and mentors in early-stage venture to support our co-investments.

So let’s get to work! I’m doing an AMA today on Elpha, a platform for women to talk candidly online (and Moxxie’s first investment!). I also look forward to hearing from you you online and on the Twitters.

*While my investing will be focused on Moxxie Ventures, I’ll continue to build #ANGELS and support our mission of getting more women on the cap tables of successful companies.

Mom of 3 kids & @tacopuppy. Alum of @Twitter @WhiteHouse @Google @Yahoo @Color. Board Member @Vivendi @Time. Founding Partner #Angels.

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