It’s about … time

There are three simple principles that have helped guide my career choices:

  1. Work with people who bring out your best
  2. Build something meaningful
  3. Be proud of what you do

These principles have helped me pursue fulfilling professional opportunities, but no other experience has proven this to be more true than Twitter. I joined Twitter 5 1/2 years ago with the mandate of growing the business internationally. In my first year, we planted the Twitter flag in Japan, the UK and Ireland and created the infrastructure to rapidly build offices in 20 countries. I traveled over 600,000 miles, saw my passport pages swell and had the most extraordinary opportunity of a lifetime: living and working in Paris.

There have been many incredible opportunities at Twitter, but the three things I cherish most are 1) meeting activists and everyday heroes who use Twitter to speak truth to power, 2) kickstarting SWAT (Super Women at Twitter) and 3) leading the Global Media team. The Media team is tasked with delivering the best content to Twitter and they are the funniest, most talented and hardest working team in the business. I love my team with all of my heart.

While I’ve poured my heart and soul into Twitter, I decided to resign because it’s time for me to pour more of my energy into my family. Like most working parents, I’ve outsourced the simple things: groceries, laundry and carpools. I’m increasingly faced with the reality that I can’t outsource what’s most precious: time. Life moves fast and I want to enjoy the time with my children before it’s too late. There’s a weird stigma about taking a break to spend time with your family — but really, what could be more important?

Over the coming months, my only plans are to rebalance, think fresh and tackle a few new challenges:

  • Be present. I’ve been on a professional sprint since my three kids were born and have missed too many soccer games than I care to count. I have a lot of catching up to do and need to be more present in their lives. This is certain to drive all of us crazy, but it’s the best kind of crazy I can imagine.
  • #Angels. Last year, I co-founded an investing group with 5 colleagues and friends and have enjoyed building an investing muscle and working with entrepreneurs. I love supporting products that make a positive difference in the world and helping entrepreneurs bring their great ideas to life.
  • Empower women. On that note, one of my favorite #Angels investments is Color Genomics, a new technology company that helps people understand their risk for developing ovarian and breast cancer. They have an audacious goal of analyzing the genes of 100,000 women from underrepresented populations so they can be empowered with their own health data. I want to see them achieve this goal.
  • Help Hillary Clinton become President. #ImWithHer

I’m going to miss working at Twitter. It’s a product and culture that has been in my heart and soul for many years. In fact, over 6 years ago my daughter (at age 7) was also deeply enamored with it.

I can’t thank Jack, Dick, Ev and Biz enough for this opportunity of a lifetime. I am profoundly grateful to them and for my team for bringing out the best in all of us. The world needs Twitter and while I will turn in my badge in a few weeks, I will keep rooting (and tweeting!) for Twitter’s continued success.

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