The Big Leap

tl;dr After 20 years in leadership roles at Twitter, Google, Yahoo and Color, with a stop along the way working for President Obama and Secretary Clinton, I’m excited for the next chapter in my career as a full time investor.

Here’s how this started …

In 2015, five friends and I from Twitter created an investment collective called #Angels. Our goal was to leverage our collective expertise to become better investors, help more entrepreneurs succeed, and get more women on the cap table of startups. Since we launched, we’ve invested in over 80 companies and worked hard to measure and help close the gender gap on cap tables across Silicon Valley.

The first company all six of us invested in was Color. We admired the founders, Elad Gil and Othman Laraki and believed in the mission of helping people live their healthiest lives by making health data — beginning with genetics — more accessible and useful. I was so captivated by the mission and the potential to significantly improve health care that soon after this investment, I decided to join Color full-time. Over the past three years, I’m proud to have helped build a world-class team and brand that plays a critical role in improving health care for individuals, families and populations.

Now that Color is on a clear path to success, I’ve decided to pursue investing full-time. The opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and companies to drive positive change in the world — be it through smarter health care, more affordable shopping, open financial systems, inspiring book clubs, future of mobility, freedom of expression, or even comfortable chic shoes — has inspired and excited me throughout my career.

I’ll share more specifics soon, but for now I want to give enormous thanks to Othman, Elad and the rest of the Color team. Working at Color was one of the most meaningful experiences of my career, it will always be in my DNA (see what I did there?) and I’ll keep cheering for this amazing team.