Access to 900 Million Dollars

There is a mega 900 million Powerball lottery up for winning and lots of discussion going on around it. Questions like what would you do with 900 million dollars if you won?

If you change the question from, “how can I win 900 million dollars?” or “how can I make 900 million dollars?” to “HOW DO I ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO EVERYTHING THAT 900 MILLION CASH COULD PROVIDE?”

What new possibilities emerge?

Everything that is currently in existence on this planet we are capable of having access to. If it is an object, place or person, chances are you could access it in less than 24 hours. The amount of money in your bank account is no limitation unless you make it so.

I have been house-sitting which has provided me with a wonderful place to stay in New York city as well as a wonderful dog to take on walks to the park everyday. There are many people who do this everyday staying in some of the most luxurious places on earth, and they are not multimillionaires in the traditional sense but are still living and acquiring access to the experience.

You already have access to the dream car in mind or that house by the beach or the exotic holiday, that new romantic partner or whatever it is that you envision. These are all things that are already in existence. Take the car for example, if you know what kind of car you wish for and had conversations with people who owned or sold that car, chances are long before you get to 100, you would indeed have access to drive it whenever you pleased and would have created something much more in the process. We all know this, the question therefore is, what are we willing to do about it? Will you accept that you do indeed have access to anything you can possibly imagine or will you stay trapped in thinking it is somehow outside your reach?

Maybe for you it is not even about material things, but instead TIME or the FEELING OF PEACE?

Ownership is somewhat of an illusion, a false sense of security and power. If we take back our power around this and believe that we are not separate from one another but in fact everything we see is a part of us we can see that we can indeed create the results we desire from any situation.

Comment on what you are you creating access to in your life?

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