Are You Playing Small in Biz?

I’ve been thinking a lot about playing bigger in business lately. Does any of this resonate…

- You got into your business because you wanted to leave a mark, create a legacy, CHANGE THE WORLD in your own way, yet you feel like you chase your tail, the money comes in dribs and drabs and you feel like frankly you could be making more of a difference directing traffic (and not the SEO kind)

- You KNOW your stuff is awesome. Your coaching is transformative. Your courses get results. Your e-books are worthy of the bestseller shelves. Yet they barely pay the bills.

- In the dead and dark of night when there’s no light or friend to talk you back from the edge, you think, WHY? I KNOW I have amazing gifts to offer and they’re not going anywhere. Why is SHE or HE famous and I’m not?

If ANY of this resonates, even just a little bit, then I would hazard a guess that potentially you are making a million decisions every single day, often without even realising, that are KEEPING YOU SMALL.

And it’s time to PLAY BIGGER. Because big rewards come from the big risks. And your message is worthy of a big stage.

I recently read Tara Mohr;s book Playing Big and I LOVED it. She nails it. The things we say to ourselves, the nasty things we say to supposedly keep us safe, but they keep us small. The encouragement to connect with and listen to our inner mentor, to leave behind ANY connection to criticism OR praise.

This was partially what inspired me to introduce a theme day in my Facebook Group recently called #uplevelthursday and it’s a personal challenge, every single week, to think about the places in our business where we are keeping ourselves small, and to be upfront and commit to acknowledging it and then releasing it and making the decision to up level and play bigger in our biz.

And do you know what ? it’s a TOUGH theme day. I know, because my tribe have told me, that it’s a hard one to think of what to say, or as one gorgeous woman said, “perhaps it’s hard to know what to say because it’s hard to dig deep and be honest about where we’re playing small.”

So I wanted to share with you some of the ways I have identified myself, my clients and my colleagues playing small. Sometimes consciousness and awareness is all we need, sometimes it goes deeper than that. But I won’t strand you here! We will also talk about how we can reverse some of these behaviours and truly step up and play bigger.

What’s keeping you small / stuck in your status quo:

1) Perfectionism

Being a perfectionist and proud of it is so … 1990s… perfectionism isn’t pride in your work, it’s pride in staying stuck, in not taking action. It engenders deep fear of mistakes or taking risks.

2) Course Overload

Starting the entrepreneurship journey is an adventure in discovering what you didn’t know you didn’t know. And there’s a course for all of it! But if you’re buying courses and the only rush you’re getting is the rush of your credit card being approved, then it’s quite possible you’re hiding from action with the never ending search for more information.

3) Focusing on the wrong things

Lance Armstrong didn’t get a lot of things right, but he was right when he said “it’s not about the bike.” It’s not about the bike, or the mic, or the logo or the website. Yet, many of us spend more time than we need to obsessing about these things that make us feel like we’re in business without actually being in business.

How to play bigger…

Firstly if you have identified with the examples I’ve listed then you need to do some work to move beyond them. This could be simply being aware and noticing, it might require journalling, tapping. You may need to hire in some help. This is the inner critic work, the mindset work, and it’s easy and not easy. But it’s CRITICALLY important.

Next is about embracing imperfect action. It’s doing something. It’s taking action.

What is the thing that you can do to drive things forward but you’ve been fearful.

- hiring some VA support

- upgrading your software

- doing something that might change 100 lives instead of just 10 (start a podcast, Sleeptember)

Bring in some ritual. What things can you do to give you more confidence, help you embody the person that does take action and play big? Wearing a special necklace, drawing on big red lips, eyebrows.

This is a bit like “fake it till you make it” — role model for yourself the things you think you SHOULD do and the reality will follow.

If you want to up level the clients you work with, you need to raise your prices. You need to start crafting your copy to talk to this new premium client, not your existing client.

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