Senior Film PP (Q1)

Crew members include Peyton McDonough; resident producer and country music aficionado, Melissa Inge; celebrated cinematographer and accomplished baker, Rachel Lee; editor in chief and peacekeeper, and Katie Thurson(me); director.

For our IB HL Film assessment, we will be creating a film of 6–7 minutes in length, complete with portfolio and a trailer. Everyone was access to iPhones, iPads, and laptops. Rachel Lee also has a working knowledge of iMovie, which will prove useful once we reach the editing phase.

I’m leaning towards “an encounter” or a “twist of fate” as the subject of our film. In the past two years, we’ve been a little ambitious and have tried to capture an entire plot in 5 minutes, which usually resulted in confusion. I like realistic films, especially thrillers. Something Chris Nolan-esque. Maybe a twist of fate via Twitter. Definitely something dark and brooding, with lots of suspicions and accusations. I haven’t really brainstormed with my team yet, so we will probably end up doing something completely different. Whatever looks good and satisfies the most people.

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