Rainy Days

Do you ever have those days when it rains all day, and you literally feel like doing absolutely NOTHING? Well, I do. In fact, today was one of those days. It might have been because it was actually raining all day (thank you Florida), but I know we’ve all felt this way on sunny days too. It’s so funny to think how something so small can make a huge impact on our emotions.

Today I felt super lazy, and ended up watching Netflix all night. Other days it may be due to stress from your job. Either way, we must find some kind of balance in our lives without getting too comfortable in the “couch potato” state of mind.

Writing about health and fitness each week helps me get up and be active everyday. All it takes is that one thought for me to become motivated. Unfortunately, we do not all work in this way. But, as long as you can find just 30 minutes in your day to be active, you will see a difference in how you feel. It may just be the cure to your rainy day!

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