Banana and chocolate mini loaves

I often find the most satisfying way to spend a Sunday afternoon is doing a spot of baking.

…especially when you have an an abundance of browning bananas making your fruit bowl look untidy.

My mini loaves are a an adaptation of Mary Berry’s BBC Food’s banana and chocolate loaf cake, which turned mini due to the fact I’ve just bagged myself a bargain (£3.50) mini loaf tin from Sainsbury’s…currently on offer.

The recipe | banana and chocolate loaves – makes 8 mini loaves

  • 2 bananas – mashed, approx 200g (browner the better)
  • 2 eggs
  • 4oz butter/baking spread (I use a mixture of butter and stork)
  • 6oz SR Flour
  • 6oz Caster sugar
  • 100g (about 3.5oz) chocolate – I use a mixture of Cadbury dairy milk (pummelled with a rolling pin) and 70% Lindt dark chocolate
  • Dried banana chips – to decorate, optional


  • Pre heat oven gas mark 3 or put your cooling shelf in your Aga (slightly hit and miss)
  • Grease a 8 mini loaf tin tray, or two 1lb loaf tins (if you’d prefer a larger loaf)
  • Mash banana, in a bowl
  • If using a bar of chocolate – before opening, pummel with a rolling pin to break into bits, set aside.
  • Combine all other ingredients,except chocolate – I tend to cream the butter and sugar then add in egg, banana and flour gradually…seems to make less mess!
  • Pop a few banana chips to decorate each loaf – if you wish.
  • Bake in the oven for approximately 30–35 minutes – or until cooked through. If you’re using an Aga (my other half’s mum kindly lets me use hers…) I’d highly recommend you bake these with tin foil over the top of the tin and keep it as close to the door as possible – to prevent burning.
  • Transfer on to a wire wrack to cool.
  • Store in a tin (or eat immediately…😊) should keep up to 3–4 days, or these freeze well.

Enjoy…with a brew, as everything tastes better with tea in hand (Yorkshire Tea – of course!

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