Applying a Gender Lens to COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Entitled, “Training for Ebola Deployment”, this image was captured by CDC Public Health Advisor, Cleopatra Adedeji, RRT, BSRT

Women Deliver’s Ten Recommendations to Build Back a Stronger, More Gender-Equal World

Crowdsourced ideas at the Women Deliver 2019 Conference in Vancouver, Canada
Women Deliver Young Leader at Southern & Eastern Africa Workshop in 2018
Katja Iversen speaking at the BSR Conference in 2016
Adolescent schoolgirl in India [Photo by Mark Tuschman]
Father reading to child [Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash]



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Katja Iversen

Katja Iversen

Katja Iversen is an executive adviser to world and corporate leaders, an author and advocate for global health, DEI, and purpose driven prosperity.