Which is Better: Spotify or Apple Music?

It’s always hard to choose the right one from these two options, right? At the current music market, Spotify has been the leading market all the time for its free music streaming service. But since Apple Music released in September 2015, it gradually becomes the largest competitor with Spotify. Thus, to help you make decision better, we spent some time to make a comparison between Apple Music and Spotify. Then let’s take a look.

Part 1. Basic Comparison: Price, Sound Quality and Exclusives


• Apple Music: $9.99/month for one user; $14.99 for a family plan of up to six

• Spotify: $9.99 per month ($4.99 for students).

Both Apple Music and Spotify offers the three-month trial. But the trial with full functionality of Spotify need to pay $0.99 while Apple Music is totally free. The big difference between the two services is that Spotify has a free, ad-supported basic service whereas Apple Music does not.

Sound Quality:

Apple Music:

• Regular: 128kbps AAC (Audio purchased from iTunes Store before)

• High Quality: 256kbps AAC


• Normal: 96kbps OGG

• High: 160kbps OGG

• Extreme: 320kbps OGG

Another important point for streaming music service is sound quality. But due to the different encoding format, it is hard to compare their sound quality at corresponding levels. However, some people will still prefer to subscribe to Spotify for its highest-quality option.


Offering exclusive content is one of the ways to attract users for music streaming services. With iTunes, Apple Music can get many exclusive content before anyone else. In a short time, Apple Music gets the exclusive music from Taylor Swift, Lil Yachty, Usher, Frank Ocean, among others. But Spotify doesn’t offering many exclusives for uses. If you love exclusive, Apple Music is the best choice for you.

Part 2. Other Features Comparison Tablet

When it comes to the music collection, both Apple Music and Spotify are relatively evenly matched. But Apple Music features the Beats1 Radio to discover good artists and music. If you want to explore the latest and unique music, you should go for Apple Music.


Now, according comparision above, do you know which one should you choose? From the highest level, there are no big difference between Apple Music and Spotify. For most people, they will probably go for Apple Music due to its creatively service, but Spotify is thoroughly deserving of your consideration to — with its more intuitive interface, podcast and unique video content. Whatever music service you choose, hope you can get a great music enjoyment.

By the way, if you subscribed to Apple Music, you may get annoyed with the DRM protection. You can try to use Apple Music Converter to help you remove DRM from Apple Music tracks and then convert them to MP3, AC3, FLAC, etc. Meanwhile, it will preserve the original audio quality and ID3 tags for you.

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