Continual Growth: How to get RIDICULOUSLY Soul Aligned Clients & Staff.

The higher up you go, the more people you WILL lose.

If you wanna think like the best, and live accordingly, your circle of influence and basically anybody you can stand to spend more than 90 seconds with IS gonna shrink.

Sometimes on the way you’ll feel lonely, or scared you’re going to lose EVERYONE.

The upside is that if you stay true to you and keep being you, the perrrrrrfeccccttt people will appear. Trust me. You’re like a magnet. You’ll find each other.

And if you stay the course then every single person you DO actively want to let into your space — whether friend, client, lover, whatever; ALL of ’em — is going to be a soulmate best friend.

People ask me how I get to have such RIDICULOUSLY soul aligned clients, staff, friends, relationships, where it’s ONLY perfect and just keeps getting better, and the answer is simple:

Continual growth.

And keep your actual fucking standards.

Living your true dreams, in all areas, is ALWAYS possible. Just refuse to accept anything even a jot less, and be the person who WOULD live that life.

Of course most will never go all in… fear will rule them… and results will reflect that.

Don’t be that version of you. Be the one who gets to have it alllllll baby! You’re SO fucking worth it.

Remember, Life is Now. Press Play.


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