I affirm repeatedly:

That I am super rich.

That I am in GREAT fucking shape.

That I love my clients and they love me.

That my clients are rich, hot, successful, the 1% within the 1% and they get EPIC freaking results. (Have you SEEN my clients; met them? I merely state the truth! … but also, a hint — that is how I ATTRACTED these clients, by calling ’em in like THIS with my writing and journaling).

That I always pay my bills before they’re due.

That I wake up each morning energised, excited, motivated for the day ahead.

That I always have time for everything that matters to me!

That I create and sell and run my entire BUSINESS with ease, and from flow.

That I am in alignment, on purpose, living into my calling and doing my best work.

That I ALWAYS make great decisions.

That I have the MOST successful shit hot rich friends whose mere energy alone helps me continue to scale to millions as I also support THEM to do so (you’ve met Regan, right? Again I only state the truth … or is it that I write and CREATE the truth, hmmm!)

That my programs always sell out.

That new ideas come to life quickly and easily.

And so on.

And so forth.

I continue by asking myself questions that I have asked myself on repeat for YEARS:

What I REALLY want to do –

Who I really want to BE –

What matters MOST to me –

What I would do if I were COMPLETELY limitless –

What I’d do if I had unlimited RESOURCES –

What I actually want it to BE about –

What I’d be making happen right now if I were TRULY GOING ALL IN –

How I can allow more EASE, more flow, more SPEED to what I’m achieving –

How I can have a greater impact, leave a bigger legacy, get my message out to millions –

What I’d be doing today if I were just following INSPIRATION –

How I can continue to be superfuckinghuman and achieve everything I set my mind to (HINT: it’s BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO AND THEN SET MY MIND TO IT!!).

And so on.

And so forth.

I follow all of this up with action, and make the practical changes I must make.

And the answer remains, What I want to do is:

Write MORE.

Speak MORE.

Livestream MORE.

Have more online shows!

and Produce more CONTENT

All of which I do, repeatedly, daily.

I make MILLIONS now.

Just because I:


Worked out.

Hung with my kids.

Kicked the Ass of the 1% Within the 1% (my CLIENTS, baby!).

And –

WAIT for it ….!

Created a LOT of fucking content.

Guess what I want most now?

To Create more content, HELL yes, I’m happiest when I’m creating and SHE WHO CREATES MORE WINS.

So guess what I have done for you?

Created the Million Dollar Templates, because, well I couldn’t NOT create these.

You’ll want to get in quick because the pre-work has already started and you can access it immediately!

Here it is gorgeous, you’re going to want to find out more about this one! -


Life is Now. Press Play