Preach It Like You Mean It: How I Went From Dead Broke, Burn Out, Nearly Bankrupt and Out of Alignment, to Allowing Millions With Ease.

When I was dead broke, with over 100k in debt, bankruptcy papers sitting on my kitchen table, and on a daily basis didn’t know where my next cent was coming from or whether I’d even be able to buy food, my approach to doing online business and trying to make money, was centered around trying to figure out what people would buy.

I had a target market, a niche, as pretty a website as I could pull together at the time, and a big list of things I knew I was good at, could teach, could sell.

My focus was on hitting those pain points, and demonstrating that I was THE biz coach to follow and buy from if you wanted to know how to market and sell online, and ‘make money fast’.

I definitely still incorporated a ton of mindset work, and I spoke all of the time about living according to your values, about pressing play, about being able to be you, but the truth is I wasn’t practising what I was preaching.

I wasn’t remotely REALLY letting me be me.

I knew all along — even long before I owned that I knew it, or could put it into words — that what I was here to do was to inspire, motivate, educate and empower a revolution of driven leaders, messengers, creators, visionaries to press play on THEIR dreams, and go all in to create the business and the life they were born for, but yet here I was:

Trying to COMPETE in a niche.

Worrying about what TOPICS I could be known for.

Selling things based on what I thought people would jump at ’cause it sounded like a good enough magic bullet.’

Telling myself that doing my TRUE soul work, and all in, just wouldn’t cut it.

People didn’t want to buy MINDSET stuff, or inner work! They were happy to hear me mention alignment, or purpose, sure, but what they WANTED was to know the ‘how’. What to do, and how to do it. The nuts and bolts of online business.

And I could teach it; of COURSE I could teach it, and so I did.

But my heart felt like it was being broken every DAY.

It was exhausting.


And just felt so damn draining and never-ending.

To have to answer these endless questions and worries which people seemed to have, about all of the damn DETAILS.

And I just wanted to SCREAM at them, often -

“It doesn’t actually MATTER! It doesn’t matter what colour your sub-headers are, or which template converts better. Just STOP! I don’t CARE!”

And I wanted to grab them, and shake them, and plead with them:

“Don’t you SEE? It’s how you THINK that will get you there, not what you DO!”

It’s funny — kind of — that this sort of ‘focus on the details’ stuff was the exact reason I had, a year or two prior to this, decided to transition out of my online fitness business.

I was so sick of people getting caught up in the minutia — “is it okay if I switch the spinach for rocket?”; OMG!! Seriously!!

And I thought that if I re-branded under my own name I could finally start doing what I really wanted, what had always been there inside of me, what I’d continually sought to let out, but done so really only in somewhat apologetic dribs and drabs.

Instead I just switched from being a teacher in fitness, with a suppressed message, to a teacher in business, with a suppressed message. I was honestly surprised, when I first realised this. I thought — “how on earth did this HAPPEN?! Who did this switcharoo? And why am I STILL somehow not speaking my truth?!”

Of course I also had to acknowledge; I knew the whole time of course, that if I was frustrated with how people were seeing me in my role as their coach, and what they expected or wanted from me, it wasn’t THEIR fault.

I was allowing them to see me that way.

I wonder -

How are you allowing people to see you, to perceive you? And if there’s a deeper message inside of you and you feel so FRUSTRATED that people are focused on the stuff that doesn’t actually MATTER, is it, do you think, POSSIBLE, that it might just be your fault?

Your fault they don’t know.

Your fault they’re not looking to you that way.

Your fault — your choice! — to not call in the soul aligned clients and tribe you really want around you.

I mean, c’mon — it’s just common sense! How on earth are your SOUL tribe supposed to see and love and WANT you and what you have to offer, if you don’t stand up and BE you, and SHOW them?!

Just a thought.

For me it all came to a head in 2013.

I was making good money; even great. I had a 72k month … selling stuff that felt like I was selling my soul, even though sure — I was good at it, I could teach it, and people got results.

People I wanted to run and hide from and ideally never talk to again, in most cases! Because they just weren’t MY sort of people. Largely because I MYSELF wasn’t acting like my sort of people, duh!

Meanwhile, I was pregnant with my second child, and around the 20-week mark, or just over, medical emergency stuff started going down. Resulting in me getting to live in hospital for most of the second half of the pregnancy, being told a myriad of increasingly scary things about death during birth and compulsory hysterectomies and possible bladder removal; never mind the stress it had on my then 3-year old daughter, and the entire family.

It was a great growth opportunity for looking within.

And as I sat there in my hospital bed, doing sales calls, ’cause that’s what I’d been taught and I’m NOTHING if not a good student, and then running webinar trainings on stuff I REALLY didn’t care about even though sure, yeah, I guess you DO gotta do SOME strategy, and as I watched the money roll in but felt my energy just drain out faster than what the $$ came in, my overall feeling was simple:

It shouldn’t have to be this HARD.

Sure, the pregnancy was of course relevant as far as ENERGY, and I legitimately had reasons to feel stressed and worried about the future, but the truth was I didn’t choose to accept the prognosis.

For me, being told all this scary stuff really WAS something I looked at as an opportunity. I broke for a day or two … and then I got my game face on.

Time to LEARN.

Time to go WITHIN.

Time to reconnect with GOD.

Time to own IT.

And time to claim my future.

So while I was selling and pushing and hand over fisting my way to a million dollar business I was also doing more deep dive inner work than ever.

I FULLY believed in my future, in God’s purpose for me, and that I WAS going to do incredible crazy awesome SOUL work with my life.

In the short-term, I was taking it day by day.

Get through the pregnancy.

Get through the pregnancy.

Get through the pregnancy.

There was almost a feeling that so long as I paid VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to each second that was passing, and didn’t take my eye off the ball for a MOMENT, then nothing bad could happen to the baby or me, because I’M WATCHING OKAY GOD. I’m holding it all UP. I’ll hold it up as long as I HAVE to!

It was kind of tiring. Trying to take charge of the world, and do God’s job.

But it’s what I felt to do.

Have you ever felt that way? Like, so long as you keep SUPER focused and diligent, then you’ll be okay … just?

It’s basically like looking at life as though it’s a big and never-ending game of treading water.

Of course I’m here writing this, and so I guess I did a good enough job of watching the seconds so they wouldn’t accidentally switch off in front of me … or perhaps this was just how it was always meant to be … :) … but either way, eventually, as they all do in one way or another, the pregnancy ended.

BEAUTIFULLY. Well, the labour wasn’t particularly fabulous, or short, but the OUTCOME was of course beautiful, in that none of the scary bad awful stuff eventuated.

One breath at a time, one sales call at a time, one draining content creation at a time, one deep dive journaling session about what I REALLY wanted at a time, I’d got through it. And now had a beautiful son as well.

About 2 weeks later is when it hit me.

I’d had the most immense weight of my life lifted.

I was okay.

My baby was okay.

It was all OKAY and I was SAFE and it was going to BE okay and it was time to press PLAY and what did I think I was DOING giving my LIFE for all of that stuff that was not in alignment with me?!

And in a MOMENT, like a dervish whirling within my head my heart my soul, I knew:



And I thought:

If THIS is the path to a million dollar business, you can HAVE it.

And in that moment, yes a single moment; I can remember it like it was yesterday — !

I made a decision:

I’m going to start saying what I WANT.

I’m going to WRITE what I want.

I’m going to LET IT ALL OUT and if people don’t like it, they can leave and that’s okay, because I am DONE!

I think that moment is where a lot of my passion and aggression and curse-filled rantiness was born :)

I think to myself sometimes that maybe one day I’ll calm down and be all love and light … maybe the FURY I sometimes bring to my messaging to this day is simply still the last vestiges draining out, of having to KICK MY OWN BEHIND for not being me.

Or — maybe it’s just the actual passion which lives inside of me.

Regardless, here is what I want to say to YOU about all of this:

You CAN make money online by pushing and forcing and doing the work.

You can come up with ideas.

Hit on the pain points.

Do the sales calls.

And sell the thing.

If you’re disciplined and you’re willing to put the time in, as I did, then YES — you can make money that way.

And it’ll be great … if by great you mean you did it, you proved you can get ahead financially, you’re a successful entrepreneur by the worlds standards and maybe even your not-quite-assessed OWN.

But the price you pay for this, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, is a steep one.

I wonder if you’ve really acknowledged this?

Just what price you’re paying.




Sacrificing other areas of your life which you SAY you value.

These are all a part of it, of course. The reality is that when you do your SOUL work it takes nothing like the time, energy, emotion or COST to other areas of your life, in fact a big thing to know is it GIVES you all of those things!

But the real cost … the steepest cost of all … the one to perhaps care about the most …

Is that it will cost you your LIFE.

You make the money.

The price is your soul.

Handed over by YOU.


And eventually … eventually it’s so much the norm that this is how you live, that you wouldn’t even know how to get it back if you wanted to. Besides which — you’ve genuinely bought into the lie. That this is how it IS. That this is what it TAKES. So you knowingly continue to GIVE YOUR LIFE in exchange for money and so-called success.

Because, because, because ….


It’s not worth the risk.

Is what you tell yourself.

As you feel the CONSTANT pressure in your chest, the SQUEEZE and death grip, clamped like cold ice around your soul, the perpetual PANIC because no matter how much you BUSY yourself or numb or DISTRACT yourself, you can NEVER actually FORGET or ignore the knowledge deep inside that this is not how it’s meant to be.

And you can watch every second as closely as you LIKE, but they’re running out.

And you know it.

Running away with your LIFE.

And you not only KNOW it, you’re ALLOWING it, and worst of all — you’re creating it!

The thing is …

When I reached my ‘I’m DONE’ moment, it was a reaction to feeling like I’d been holding the WHOLE WORLD UP and I was just EXHAUSTED. It was pure survival mode that caused me to crack it. To finally CRACK open my SOUL and just not CARE if I never made another cent.

I was going to BE ME and the world could take it or leave it!

The thing is …

When I said that I MEANT it. I ripped the bandaid off THAT day and I just started showing up like a bat out of hell crazy leader who thought she should be running this thing, not to mention rich and famous just for being HER.

The thing is …

Even though I had actually consciously turned my back on making MONEY from it, because I’d finally realised that what mattered was to just DO THE SOUL WORK finally, I deep down KNEW.

I was going to make millions.

Impact millions.

And change the WORLD.

And the thing is.

The thing IS.

The thing IS baby, don’t you see?!

It worked.

For years and SO much pain and turmoil I’d been trying so hard to get good enough or head above water enough to be able to do what I REALLY wanted to do.

I tread water like a CHAMPION.




For my time.

And the entire time the shore was right there, my purpose-driven life was right there, the road to riches and TRUE wealth, not just financial, was RIGHT THERE, and all it required?

Stop doing all the things that are not me.

Stop caring about how it will work.

Just decide that it will because I’ve ALWAYS KNOWN it.

And basically?

Start preaching like I mean it.

So I did.


All of which is just a really really long-winded way of saying this -

I wonder what would happen for you, if you decided to show up, be you, nothing else, and preach what’s inside of you like you mean it.

Whaddya think?

Worth giving your life for?

Remember -

Life is Now. Press Play.


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