This may well take Grand Prize for Most Preposterous Passage Ever.
Ron Collins

… er… if people are going to their own groups, it is by their own choice.

Gone are the days where people hunt down black people, jewish people, the Roma, homo-gay people, etc.

I mean… people do still occasionally hunt to kill these people… but it isn’t considered socially acceptable anymore to go into the woods and kill a bunch of Jews who are hiding there from people doing that.

Also… when shooting black people today — the voices of people complaining about it are not as silence as they once were.

Yeah… how it is working these days is not perfect… but remember: progress, not perfection.

Seriously… you kids these days, and not remembering the “grand” and “glorious” time when it was just a good old European past time to hunt down some Jews, or to just go lynch some nearby dood, because his skin was dark.

So yeah… shit is MORE inclusive these days than in the past.

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