Don’t let politically correct angst rob you of life’s joy and irritation.
Kevin MacKay

… isn’t Fuller House in its second seasons? I mean… the remake with the whole “emasculated Tv dad Sitcom” trope codifier, which is just more of the same thing?

Also… the WNBA and WNHL are both still going strong… and you watch those if you actually give a shit about Basketball and Hockey. The NBA you watch for awesome fucking hair styles and people acting like douches (don’t try to act like it is another reason… you want to see the douche bags and hair styles). The NHL you watch for the hockey fights. It is like if UFC decided to make an “On Ice Musical” version — then just forgot to have the music except for the occasional organ jam.

Flash in the pan my ass.

And I enjoy female interfaces. Does that mean I think every interface should be like that? Naw, bro… options my man. Do I think we could use more male interfaces and agender interfaces (and more gender queer stuff)? Hells yeah… more options is always better.

Quick arguing for “less options”… especially when you are trying to dress up your “less options” argument as one of “fighting against people who want less options”. It makes you look stupid.