Marketing How To’s: Manage Your Marketing Team with Slack

If you are still learning how to manage your marketing team, you’re not alone. While virtual teams are becoming increasingly common, many businesses still struggle with how to manage their teams remotely.

Slack is a versatile communication tool that allows teams both large and small to effectively manage communication and productivity at a reasonable price. In this marketing how to, you’ll learn how to get the most out of Slack by utilizing these four tips:

  1. Communicate publicly and privately.

Slack offers team-wide public communication through the channels feature, which is great for mass communication with limited effort. However, be sure to check in with each of your team members individually using the private direct messages feature. This will not only show your team members that you care about them as individuals, but it will also give them a safe environment to notify you about any issues that may arise.

  1. Utilize multiple channels to organize communication.

You can set channels to public for your entire organization or to invite-only for smaller subgroups. Larger teams can benefit by creating channels for specific work or project groups within the company and inviting only the relevant individuals to the channel. Smaller teams can benefit by creating different channels for specific content areas to keep communication organized. Channels can also be used in creative ways, such as a “just for fun” channel, to energize your team throughout the work week.

  1. Utilize the threads feature to keep up with your team.

Threads help you see a conversation as it evolves, which is great when you’re a part of the conversation. But even if you’d just like to keep an eye on a thread between your Sales Manager and your Marketing Manager, Slack allows you to stay in the loop by following conversations as a spectator. All of your threads are conveniently placed in the “All Threads” tab for easy access.

  1. Integrate with other productivity apps.

Slack integrates seamlessly with productivity tools your team is already using to maximize your team’s efficiency. You can add meetings directly to your Google Calendar, add social media posts to various social channels, and add cards to Trello boards all from within the Slack interface.

By utilizing the features that make Slack a versatile productivity tool, you’ll be able to keep up with a fast-paced team while minimizing your efforts.

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