Tennis, Cocktails, and Food

By Katryna Perera & Roda Osman

Last year the U.S. Open brought in over 690,000 attendees and with that many people one of the most important aspects besides the actual matches is the food.

Many restaurants throughout the city this year are featuring special food and beverage menus for the tournament.

The Vine, in Midtown Manhattan, is one such restaurant, offering a special beverage called the “Cucumber Courtside,” crafted specifically for tennis fans.

The “Cucumber Courtside” offered at The Vine.
The Vine, in Midtown Manhattan, is offering a specialty cocktail for the U.S. Open called the “Cucumber Courtside.”

Customers can also sit outside in the courtyard and follow the tournament while sipping specialty cocktails.

As there is often a relationship between sports teams and their fans, there is also a relationship between sports and food. Roda Osman and Katryna Perera hit the streets of New York to ask people — what do you eat while you watch your favorite sport?

Keith from the Bronx, Louis from Brooklyn, Calvin from Brooklyn, Rachel from the Upper West Side, Crystal from Astoria, Keith from Williamsburg, Deca from Long Island, and Shawn from the U.S. Virgin Islands.