Day 8 #100DaysOfWhatIKnowNow

Advice for Day 8 of my #100DayProject, #100DaysOfWhatIKnowNow is from my good friend Amy Lee Husser, the person I know I can always count on to make the best out of any situation. Regardless of the time or place, she’s always wonderful to be around.

Amy is wise beyond her years and her advice is below:

“Let go of self-doubt and become comfortable with feeling a little awkward. Don’t let yourself miss out on an experience, relationship or challenge that you really feel passionate about because you’re scared of how others may perceive you. Opportunities are not an airport baggage claim; they don’t always come back around, so seize them while you can.

And although experiences vary from person to person, emotions are often universal. Keep that in mind when you want to stop yourself from taking a leap. It’s also important in your approach to other people. Empathy goes a long way to forging true connections.

And finally — and this is the one I still struggle with every day — remember you can only control your own actions. Not those of the people around you. Let that guide your actions.

It’s essentially another way of looking at the time-honoured ‘Golden Rule’ … And what I mean when I say ‘make fun wherever you go.’ No one else dictates your future if you control your own outlook on life.” — Amy Lee Husser

Thanks for sharing this with me Hussle, and for always making fun wherever we go.