Our results…

We ‘ve made some interviews, in order to find out the relationship of young people with social media, theirs mobiles and collaborative consumption. As a team, we asked students from three differents fields of our school. Two journalists, two advertizers and one from cultural management.

The result seems to be very interesting. In general, we received similar answers from them but on the other hand, there are some uniques answers that help us in our search.

The first questions were about social media. We ‘ve noticed that everybody uses them more than two hours per day. Some of them, spend six to seven hours a day with their mobile at hand.

They all use the same social media more or less. Facebook, instagram, snapchat etc. Our interviewees prefer the mobile than the computer or a laptop. They find it more useful when they are out and it’s easier to keep in touch with the others.

According to them, the use of social media has changed through the years. In the past, they used them in order to chat or to have fun or to upload photos and videos. The classic way of using them. They behaved more “childish”.

With the passage of time, they changed way of thinking. Now they use social media to find information or catch the news or keep up with world. They also realized, that social media is a mirror of our character. So, they try to be a little more mature and have a serious profile.

All of them stated the pros of mobiles and social media. How easier our life become everyday with them.

As far as the relationship between social media and sociability is concerned, they all agreed that we mustn’t use our mobile all the time when we are out with friends. We all do it, but we must reduse this bad habit because it’s antisocial and it can break people’s relations.We should use them with measure and moderation.

Then we asked them about collaborative consumption. Two of them didn’t know at all the definition of this phrase. They also didn’t care about it when we tried to explain them. On the other hand, we managed to find out two more opinions about it. The other twoagreed that it’s a great concept that will help business in the next decades and can keep it in high level.

Finally, we gave the opportunity to our interviewees, to express their general opinion or to say something else. We received answers about the better use of social media, what is collaborative consumption in reality and try to explain it on the future.

To sum up, we achieved to take a look on the opinion of young people about social media and how they use them now and in the past. Why a mobile is more useful than the personal computer? We also tried to know if they are familiar with the definition of collaborative consumption and how this can be positive for our life.

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