The “Controversy” Behind Bernie Sanders’ Speech At The Women’s Convention
Alfonso KC

Gross. Not only does a man have no place in telling women that they should kowtow to his conclusions about what a gender equality champion looks like, but seriously? He didn’t vote FOR the VAWA; that was part of the Crime Bill. His rape essays are deeply disturbing. He has repeatedly touted anti-choice candidates and says that that position is consistent with “progressive” leaders — selling out a critical woman’s right over her own body. He paid people to troll HRC supporters by calling them sexist names and did little to condemn the sexism towards HRC from his supporters and even introductory speakers. He called Planned Parenthood (the only source of healthcare for 10 million women), the Human Rights Campaign, and NARAL “the establishment” — this from a man who has only ever been employed by the government. He told his wife to shut up on national tv. He has NEVER put women’s rights on the table, according to John Lewis. He has been courting tRump voters and has praised that administration. He called Patty Murray a sell out and tried to take the credit for another woman’s work — Amy Klobachur’s. And you know what? Even if he wasn’t sexist, he’d STILL be an inappropriate choice. Nobody would EVER suggest that a white person should headline, open, or speak @, say, the BET Awards or a BLM event. What business does a man have taking the time that women are supposedly reclaiming away from them by speaking, when that tome COULD and SHOULD have gone to a woman? The answer: none. Pro-tip: A good way to know if you are actually being selfish or whether you are acting in an oppressed group’s interest is to ask that group. The overwhelming majority of women had a huge problem with this choice. That’s all that should matter — not what some man wants to ‘splain to us. It is also insulting to act as if women just don’t get it and NEED to be told that “there is no controversy; you just need to have me tell you what’s up.” And btw, this is the first women’s convention in 40 years, so the EMILY’S list analogy does not hold, though their criticism is one more valid reason why he was a terrible choice and why that choice was a very sexist, sexist one. I’ve written about and documented this in detail. Maybe if he’s such a “champion” of women’s rights, you can explain why he has no high-level female staffers, why he’s never introduced pro-women legislation in Congress, or why he has yet to explain why his rape essays and other rank sexist writings are the marks of a feminist?