Are Students Really Their Own Person?

The idea that scores and academics are the only way to get accepted into good colleges have been reinforced by the over-reliance on scores in admissions by the SAT’s is leading students to place a focus narrowly and solely on academic achievement, instead of building character.

College admissions are a big part of a high school students pre-college life, and many of them want to be able to compete for a spot at their dream school. In the article by Alia Wong titled, Where College Admissions Went Wrong, the author states, “Instead of preparing themselves for college — or more importantly, for life — students spend all of their pre-college years preparing themselves for the moment of admission.” In the quote Wong suggests that students are sacrificing preparation for life and replacing it with preparation for college admissions. This is a problem because the skills you need in college or, as Wong states, in life. To succeed at college and life, it isn’t just about the score you get on a test, but rather how you as a person can build and create yourself as an individual. But in today’s competitive college admissions, students instead are narrowly focusing on extensive studying for a test that many believe to be the key to college.

The amount of prep work and time for these students can be gruesome and taxing to the students. As Alia Wong has stated, “Students today still spend months and sometimes even years of grueling work to secure a spot, spending thousands on test prep and college consultants, drafting essays and enrolling all kinds of extracurriculars, just to get into the running.” Wong suggests that the majority of their time and money is spent on studying and constant work, just to get be considered for college, and that many students do not have time to find their own hobbies and such. This is an issue because since many of them will be spending so much time working towards that satisfactory test score, and that perfect transcript, that many of them will not consider what they want to do, or who they are as an individual, and many will lose their own individuality. The competitiveness of college admission today are so strenuous that many students will cast aside their own individuality as sacrifice to get into their dream college.

Students today are sacrificing more than just their happiness to get into that dream school. They are placing on a platter, anything it takes to be able to get themselves in the running as, “Far too many students are learning to do whatever it takes to get ahead — even if that means sacrificing individuality, health, happiness, ethical principles, and behavior.” This is troubling that many students today will so willingly throw those away to become this ultimate score machine that will try to get them into these top colleges that they so desperately seem to want. College admission are molding students to more of what they want and less of who they actually are, as this over-reliance of test scores for college admissions stunts the growth of these students as a person.

This over-reliance of test scores has caused many students to toss aside their own personal beliefs, individuality, etc. to become someone that is only set on getting into college. This ultimately leads to the students losing themselves as individuals and potentially harming them as they do not build the character and only prepare themselves for the time of admissions and not beyond that.

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