Katy Preen
Nov 9, 2018 · 1 min read

“ Rousseau was of the belief that smaller, homogenous states are better equipped than larger states at providing their citizens with all the freedoms they require.”

Ah, so Rousseau would have been in favour of Brexit then, non? (sorry, I could not resist)

“Of course, as a concept, it became most synonymous with Nazi propaganda”

I did not know this, and I think it’s worth pointing out to potential Bregretters — it might make it easier for them to understand why so many Remainers are concerned about Racism and Fascism — a charge that many of them will see as OTT because they don’t see it through their comfortable, white, middle-class eyes.

“When you suspect political ideas are being corrupted and perverted for the purposes of power, pay close attention to how language is being used.”

We are not media- or politically-savvy enough in the UK, which is why so many of our citizens are totally oblivious or uncaring as to what’s currently happening. We have to ensure that this and future generations learn how these institutions work.

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