Porn Isn’t The Boogeyman of Sex.
David Shorb

I think the conversation has become too polarised for us to get anything meaningful from it. The issue is that porn can be both an enjoyable form of entertainmnt for healthy adults, and an industry that is far from perfect and does not take responsibility for the consequences of its output.

One of society’s current failings is that we do not prepare ourselves, or the next generation, for a world full of information. Not all of this information is going to be good for us, not all of it will be true, and not all of it is appropriate for all occasions.

Combine that with the fact we’re terrified of discussing sex and sexuality with our children, and we get the current situation where young people are unable to make appropriate judgements about the material they view, and they have nowhere to turn for context other than this same material, which may not be the best teacher.

I don’t think we can ignore the negative effects of porn — indeed I think we should be discussing its problems — but we also need to recognise that human sexuality is not dirty or shameful, and by acting like it is we exacerbate any of those problems posed by porn.